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  • * Sales Cloud - Getting Started * - Dan Black

    How can I share a dashboard with a non-SF user? (e.g. my bosses boss)... Satin Toe Pearls Ribbon Low Pumps Prom Peep Ivory Heel M Wedding Shoes Rhinestones MULGARIA Women's q80w4IInvZ
    • Wedding EP2094 ElegantPark Heel Ivory Ruched High Rhinestones Peep Shoes Toe Bridal 11 hours ago
    • 1 comment
  • * Release Readiness Trailblazers * - Matt U (Mattstro)

    Would it be possible to make the new "is Email Bounced" field on Contact (and Bounce Reason) editable? Currently, we have a custom field for this because a third party tool writes this back this information. If Salesforce can now also get this information it would be good to have it in one... More
    • 20 hours ago
  • Trailhead - Debra Shoup

    I changed companies recently and created a Developer Edition org and set up a new Trailhead with my DE org. Now I need to sync Webassessor to my new Trailhead profile. I had already successfully synced it to my previous Trailhead profile so I could take the Summer ’18 Release Exam. I created a case ... More
    • 11 hours ago
  • * Lightning Now! * - Matt U (Mattstro)

    I want to turn off Classic Salesforce for our users but have found it does not work. They can still access it through IE11!In session settings, I have the option "Extended use of IE11 with Lightning Experience" switched offIn the profile, I have the option "Hide Option to Switch to Sa... More
    • 20 hours ago
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Ivory Toe EP2094 Bridal Wedding High Peep Ruched Heel Rhinestones ElegantPark Shoes gqB1RxwPw